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Medicine in Italy in English

Study medicine in Italy in English is probably the cheapest in Europe. Being public Universities, limits them from charging more for those programs than the standard differential tuition fee of 600 – 3800 Euro / year they charge in normal – Italian degrees. This fact sets those Institutions in a highly attractive price range in a group of MD degrees taught in English on a European standard of quality and reputation. The actual tuition fee is set based on family income, reported by the student.

The admission to university of medicine in Italy is  organised by IMAT

Beside english medical programs in Italy, they are around 40 universities of medicine offering medical studies in Italian.Those who do noth speak italian must follow at least one year Italian language. B2 level is required.


Medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing, etc. Programs in English and medical residency in leading medical universities in Europe:

  • Low tuition fee and living cost, student loans and grants available
  • No entrance examinations or alternatively, preparation to entrance examinations
  • Arrival (immersion) services
  • Admission even before you complete your high school

Early admission to 6 year Medicine, 4 year Medicine, 5 year Dentistry, 3 year Nursing, 3 year Physiotherapy program in English. Apply now and get your admission within 3 weeks for September entry!