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Medicine in Romania

Medicine in Romania has a long standing tradition in medical studies and hearth care field. 
The Romanian health care system has been in existence since 1700.   Among  well known  activists  of medicine in Romania, we can mentioned George Emil Palade, the Nobel Prize winner of 1974 in Physiology or Medicine, was born in Iași, in North-Eastern Romania, while Nicolae Paulescu, the discoverer of insulin, was born in Bucharest, Romania.

Medicine in Romania has become one of the major subjects in Europe and beyond. Today Romanian doctors are well appreciated in occidental countries and all over the world and Romanian medical Universities attract thousands of international medical University students every year.  

Most medical University students are attracted by medicine in Romania because of the quality of studies, the possibility of choosing the language of study (Romanian, English, French, Germany or even Hungarian), reasonable tuition fees and living cost, diploma recognized allover Europe and beyond, possibility of medical University transfer, well trained and experienced staff, student mobility, etc.
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