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Wroclaw Medical University in Poland

Wroclaw Medical University has 5 faculties: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health and Postgraduate Education with Medical (6 years) and Dentistry (5 years) English programs. Wroclaw Medical University application for admission requirements and tuition fees for English division attract hundreds of International students every year. Wroclaw University of Medicine has a wide exchange of students and teaching staff within the framework of the Socrates/Erasmus program of the European Union, especially with France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands and England.

Wroclaw is a city with a rich medical tradition. The first hospital was founded in the 13th century. Medicine was first taught in 1745 by the establishment of the Collegium Medico-Chirurgicum. It was the first medical school in the city. Many famous doctors lived and worked in Wroclaw such as Alois Alzheimer - neurologist and psychiatrist, who presented his findings regarding degeneration of the brain cortex (Alzheimer's disease), Robert Koch - creator of modern bacteriology (Nobel Prize in 1905), Paul Erlich - pioneer of present chemotherapy (Nobel Prize in 1908).

At present Wroclaw Medical University is an active centre of medical student education. The process of teaching is realised by a team of highly qualified specialists. The Medical University also performs a wide range of scientific activities and provides the whole region of Lower Silesia with highly specialised medical care.

The English programmes of medicine  and dentistry consist respectively  of six  and five successive academic years of medical, preclinical and clinical studies and are adapted to the common European programme, in keeping with the European admission standards for medical education.
Applicants are expected to have excelled in basic science courses in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and English. The academic year formally starts on the 1st of October and is divided into two five-month terms (semesters), including examination sessions. The student must successfully complete all of the course work of one academic year, before being approved for promotion to the next year.

Wroclaw Medical University admission requirements

Admission is based on high school marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, without entrance exam. Candidates are chosen by open competition on the basis of grades on the high school certificate from Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Also, prospective students must have international recognised English certificate.
Wroclaw Medical University application documents
 The application file to Wroclaw Medical University must includes the following documents:

  • Application form (including personal questionnaire) for admission to studies, stating the chosen field of studies,
  • Copy of high school leaving certificate and transcript of grades in English language or with a translation into Polish, legalized by apposition of apostille (depending on country), and the translations have to be made by a translator approved by the Polish Ministry of Justice.  In exceptional cases copies can be accepted but they have to be confirmed for authenticity by a notary office in the country of student`s origin,
  • Copy of passport or personal identity document,
  • Four (4) recent passport photographs passport size (35x45 mm) signed on the back,
  • Copy of certificate that proves a good command of both written and spoken English (e.g. FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, IELTS),  
  • Birth certificate.
  • Health certificate,

Transfer student must add original college transcript of records from the University he is leaving.

The deadline for the application is 25 July each year for the following academic year.
Tuition Fees:

General Medicine in English, 4 year entry medical programme: 12000 Euro/year,
General Medicine in English, 6 year medical programme: 12000 Euro/year,
Dentistry in English, 5 year programme: 12000 Euro/year,

Preparatory courses for the 1st year medical students in english
Optional pre-courses of biology, chemistry and physics take place in September every year in the number of 3 weeks in total. The total amount of 500 EUR should be paid by 31st August to the account individually assigned to a student.
An intensive course of Polish language being run during September in the number of approx.40 hours takes place at the Department of Foreign Languages of Wroclaw Medical University.


  • General Medicine: 4-(graduate) & 6-year program
  • Veterinary Medicine: 6-year program
  • Dentistry: 5 to 6-year program
  • Pharmacy: 5 to 6-year program
  • Nursing: 3 to 4-year program
  • Physiotherapy: 3 to 4-year program
  • Medical specialisation: 3 to 6-year program
  • Etc.

Leading to qualifications approved by GMC, GDC, RCVS,
HCPC, NMC in UK and recognised in all over the world.


Phone: +40733811711; +40760100128