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Medical university of Varna

Varna Medical University is one of well known medical university in Bulgaria and beyond. Medical university of Varna has English (medicine, dentistry) and Bulgarian programs.  It was established as Higher Medical Institute by Decree № 414 of the Presidium of the National Assembly of Republic of Bulgaria from 12. 11.1960.
Medical student at Medical university of Pleven can study in English Medicine (6 year program) and dentistry (6 year programs).  For international medical student in Bulgarian language, the university organise also one year preparatory course of Bulgarian language. Varna medical university has one of the biggest multiprofile bases for practical training of medical specialists in Bulgaria.
In Romanian language, medical students can choose   among large programs: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, Nursing Management, Assistant pharmacist, sanitary inspector, sanitary inspector, sanitary inspector, X-ray laboratory assistant, Medical laboratory assistant, Dental technician, Physiotherapy assistant, social activities, Social activities, Medical Cosmetics.

Why Varna medical university?

Among the reasons international medical students chose Medical university of Varna are:

•Varna Medical University is a state medical university and is accredited by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation at the Council of Ministers in execution of the Law on Higher Education in Republic of Bulgaria.  All diplomas are recognized in all European Union Countries, European Economical Area countries and beyond;
•Varna Medical University  has more than University has more than 50 years of history in both training Bulgarian and foreign students;
•Medical students  at Varna Medical University  have the opportunity to participate in educational exchange programs abroad;
•Varna Medical University has a safe and great location of the university campus; wonderful accessibility. Varna Airport serves many major destinations. The city benefits of excellent road and rail links to other bigger cities;
•Varna Medical University  has a good value living conditions and sea capital advantages: Varna has been selected for the best city in Bulgaria offering the  best living conditions;

Transfer studensts to Varna Medical University:

Varna Medical University accepts transfer students seeking to transfer from other accredited medical universities. Students transferred from other universities that have different curricula can continue studying at Medical University of Varna on condition that they make up for all the outstanding work (study the courses from previous years that have not been recognized or ever taken and sit for examinations in these courses against payment of the instituted administrative fees and in compliance with the developed schedule by the relevant Faculty).

Varna medical university tuition fee:

 Program (course)

Tuition fee per year

Medicine in English language (6 years)

8000 euro

Medicine in Bulgarian language (6 years)

7000 euro

Dental Medicine in English (6 years)

8000 euro

Dental Medicine in Bulgarian language (6 years)

7000 euro

Pharmacy  in Bulgarian language (5 years)

7000 euro

Public Health in Bulgarian language (4 years)

3350 euro

Nursing Management in Bulgarian language (4 years)

3350 euro

Preparatory course in English (1 years)

4000 euro

Preparatory course in Bulgarian (1 years)

3500 euro

Assistant pharmacist (3 years)

3500 euro

Sanitary inspector (3 years)

3500 euro

X-ray laboratory assistant (3 years)

3500 euro

Medical laboratory assistant (3 years)

3500 euro

Dental technician (3 years)

3500 euro

Physiotherapy assistant (3 years)

3500 euro

Social activities (3 years)

3500 euro

Medical Cosmetics (3 years)

3500 euro

Compared to University of medicine in the world,  Varna medical University remains one of the cheapest medical school, with  diploma recognised all over the world and English program in medicine and dental medicine.

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