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Postgraduate medical specialisation in Bulgaria

Postgraduate medical specialisation programs (specialization training or residency) in Bulgaria are available in all Bulgarian medical universities. Successfully 6-year medical graduate students with a Master of Medicine diploma (a diploma of higher education in medicine) have access at postgraduate medical specialisation in Bulgaria.

Medical international or Bulgarian graduate students have access to postgraduate medical specialisation in any medical university in Bulgaria leading to the acquisition of a specific specialty competence in the healthcare system in Bulgaria and therefore in European around the globe.

The main requirement to have access to medical specialisation or general speaking to postgraduate medical study in Bulgaria is to have the higher medical education and professional qualification in Medicine recognised by Bulgarian competent authorities and to have good knowledge of Bulgarian language (B2 level required). For those international medical graduate candidate who do not speak Bulgarian language, the must undergo one year Bulgarian preparatory course before the star specialisation.

Postgraduate medical specialisation admission in Bulgaria

Internarial medical specialisation candidate in Bulgaria has to submit the following documents:

  1. An application form indicating the specialty which they deserve to acquire;
  2. A short Curriculum Vitae of the applicant;
  3. A Copy of the Diploma of completed higher education;
  4. A medical certificate issued not later than a month prior to the application date;
  5. A certificate proving a proficiency of Bulgarian language and professional terminology in Bulgarian language;
  6. A certificate of recognized Medical Degree acquired after 6 years of study in another country apart from Bulgaria;

Postgraduate medical specialisation classification in Bulgaria

Medical specialisation in Bulgaria are classified as specialisations, which,  one one hand, are included and on other hsnd, are not included in EU Directive 2005/36/EC on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications.

Medical Specialisations i n Bulgaria for holders of master degree in medicine

 Medical Specialisations in Bulgaria with predominant therapeutic focus:

1. Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care: 4 years;
2. Internal Medicine5 years;
3. Gastroenterology4 years;
4. Geriatric Medicine4 years;
5. Child Psychiatry: 4 years;
6. Paediatrics: 4 years;
7. Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases: 4 years;
8. Infectious Diseases: 4 years;
9. Cardiology: 4 years;
10. Clinical Allergy: 4 years;
11. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics: 4 years;
12. Clinical Haematology4 years;
13. Skin and Venereal Diseases: 4 years;
14. Radiotherapy: 4 years;
15. Nerve Diseases: 4 years;
16. Nephrology: 4 years;
17. General Medicine: 3 years;
18. Pneumology and phthisiatrics: 4 years;
19. Psychiatry: 4 years;
20. Rheumatology: 4 years;
21. Emergency Medicine: 5 years;
22. Haematology and Blood Transfusion: 4 years;
23. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: 4 years;
23a. Medical Oncology: 5 years;

 Medical Specialisations in Bulgaria with predominant focus:

24. Obstetrics and Gynaecology: 4 years;
25. Thoracic Surgery: 5 years;
26. Paediatric Surgery: 5 years;
27. Cardiac Surgery: 5 years;
28. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: 5 years;
29. Neurosurgery: 5 years;
30. Orthopaedics and Traumatology: 5 years;
31. Ophthalmology: 4 years;
32. Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery: 5 years;
33. Vascular Surgery: 5 years;
34. Urology: 5 years;
35. Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases: 4 years;
36. Surgery: 5 years;

 Medical Specialisations in Bulgaria with prevalent clinical-diagnostic focus:

37. Biochemistry: 4 years;
38. Clinical Immunology: 4 years;
39. Clinical Laboratory: 4 years;
40. Microbiology: 4 years;
41. Nuclear Medicine: 4 years;
42. Image Diagnostics: 4 years;
     a. General and Clinical Pathology: 4 years;
     b. Radiobiology: 4 years;
     c. Medical Genetics: 4 years;

 Medical Specialisations in Bulgaria with another focus:

43. Communal Hygiene: 4 years;
44. Social Medicine and Health Management: 4 years;
45. Occupational Medicine: 4 years;
46. Pharmacology: 4 years;

Medical Specialisation in Bulgaria after a master degree in dental medicine

1. Oral Surgery: 3 years;
2. Orthodontics: 3 years;

Medical Specialisations in Bulgaria for holders of master degree in medicine or in dental medicine

1. Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: 4 years;


  • General Medicine: 4-(graduate) & 6-year program
  • Veterinary Medicine: 6-year program
  • Dentistry: 5 to 6-year program
  • Pharmacy: 5 to 6-year program
  • Nursing: 3 to 4-year program
  • Physiotherapy: 3 to 4-year program
  • Medical specialisation: 3 to 6-year program
  • Etc.

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